Diego Souza, Fred … see the Brasileirão's top scorers by running points

Diego Souza, Fred … see the Brasileirão's top scorers by running points

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Botafogo hired Diego Souza already with the Carioca Championship from the middle to the end. But the former São Paulo player, who arrives at Glorioso as a reference in the attack, is a guarantee of goals in the Brazilian Championship. So much so that it is near the top of the scorers' list of the points of the running. Check out:

10º – Rafael Moura e Souza

Rafael Moura - América-MG

He-Man is in Series B (Photo: Mourão Panda / América-MG)

With 77 goals, He-Man, today in América-MG, and Caveirão, already retired after passing through clubs like Corinthians and Flamengo, occupy the tenth place. In the list of top scorers in the Brasileirão by running points, Rafael Moura is not expected to climb, since Coelho is in Serie B. In 2006, Souza was the top scorer in the competition with 17 goals.

9º – Wellington Paulista

Welligton Paulista announced by Fortaleza

WP9 was recently announced (Photo: Divulgação / Fortaleza)

After starting the third season for Chapecoense, Wellington Paulista has just moved to Fortaleza. In the Lion, you can follow and try to climb the list. There are currently 81 goals scored.

8º – Washington "Braveheart"

Washington (The Braveheart) by Fluminense

Washington made history at Flu (Photo: Felipe Gabriel / Lance Archive!)

Retired since the beginning of 2011, the "Braveheart" was top scorer in Serie A of Brasileirão in 2004 with 34 goals, and 2008 with 21. In total, he scored 81 goals in the editions he participated in.

7º – Roger

Palmeiras x Corinthians - Roger

Roger tries to get back into shape (Marco Galvão / Fotoarena)

The controversial center-forward, who played last season for Internacional and Corinthians, and currently defending Ceará, is also on the list. With 34 years and 83 goals in the Brasileirões that he has played, he will have the chance this season to rise in the race, as the Vozão remains in the elite.

6º – Luís Fabiano

Luis Fabiano

Luis Fabiano suffers with injuries (Rubens Chiri / saopaulofc.net)

The idol of São Paulo was holder of the Brazilian Team in the 2010 Cup. He occupies the sixth position in the Brazilian Championship artillery by running points, with 85 goals and should not enter the fight. At the age of 38, he entered the field for the last time in 2017, working for Vasco. Since then – currently in Ponte Preta (Series B) – fight against physical problems to get play.

5º – Borges


Borges scored 99 goals in points by running points (Play)

Over the course of his career, Borges was part of the star cast and was almost always the "ugly duckling" of the attack. But almost always it had good use. Top scorer of the Brasileirão of 2011, with 23 goals, added 99 in the editions he played. He has retired since mid-2016.

4º – Alecsandro

Alecsandro - Vasco 2011

Alecsandro passed by giant clubs (Photo: Divulgação / Vasco.Com)

Now 38, Alecsandro will hardly return to the national elite. Has 100 goals in Brazilian Championships by running points and shared opinions wherever he went. Currently defends the São Bento, who will compete in Serie B of the Brazilian.

3º – Diego Souza

Botafogo Collective - Diego Souza

Diego Souza was presented as a star (Photo: Reproduction / Twitter)

Acclaimed by Botafogo fans at the presentation last Saturday, Diego Souza was in São Paulo. But it was for Sport, in 2016, that he became top scorer of the Brazilian, with 14 goals. With 33 years, he has time to increase the count of 102 goals in the editions by running points of the championship.

2º – Paulo Baier

Paulo Baier

Paulo Baier resisted time in the elite (Photo: Albert Egon / Toledo)

At age 44, the right-back / middleweight retired only in 2016 and is currently a coach. He made history in the Brasileirão with 106 goals scored in the editions by points points to memorable performances by the clubs that passed.

1st Fred


Fred was the top scorer of Brasileirão on three occasions (Fernando Michel)

At 35, the forward Cruzeiro should increase the 142 goals scored so far. Top scorer of the Brazilian Championship on three occasions (2012, with 20 goals, 2014, with 18, and 2016, with 14), played two World Cups.

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