De Bruyne enchants, Lukaku marks: that Belgium! Poker Holland, coup of Slovenia

De Bruyne enchants, Lukaku marks: that Belgium! Poker Holland, coup of Slovenia

September 9, 2019 0 By admin

Three assists and a goal for the Manchester City star in Scotland. Heavy successes for Russia and Slovakia, no goals between Poland and Austria. Pandev to target for North Macedonia

Four qualifying rounds for Euro 2020 had scheduled matches today: in the field the national teams C, E, G and I. Let's see how it went.

Group C

Estonia-Holland 0-4: the oranje don't miss the opportunity to shorten the distance from the summit. Babel scored twice in Tallinn, followed by Depay and Wijnaldum. The challenge with Germany and Northern Ireland for two places is open.

Northern Ireland-Germany 0-2: read the match report here

Ranking (in brackets the games played): Germany 12 (5), Northern Ireland 12 (5), Holland 9 (4), Belarus 3 (5), Estonia 0 (5).

Group E

Azerbaijan-Croatia 1-1: read the match report here

Hungary-Slovakia 1-2: with Skriniar, Kucka and the former Neapolitan Hamsik in the field, Slovakia rises after the k.o. inside with Croatia and wins a key match in Budapest, reaching the Magyars in the standings, who are not satisfied with a splendid free-kick by Szoboszlai between Mak and Bozenik's goals.

Ranking: Croatia 10 (5), Slovakia 9 (5), Hungary 9 (5), Wales 6 (4), Azerbaijan 1 (4).

Group G

Latvia-North Macedonia 0-2: the Neapolitan Elmas leaves his infirmities behind him, plays the whole game in Riga and enters the action of the 1-0, concluded by the Genoa Pandev. The doubling is of Bardhi, Macedonians still in the race.

Poland-Austria 0-0: to help the pursuers we think Poles and Austrians, who are 0-0 in Warsaw and slow down. Among the "Italians" in the field Zielinski, Bereszynski and the interviewer Lazaro, while Piatek remains on the bench throughout the match.

Slovenia-Israel 3-2: comeback win for Slovenia, which beats Israel and flies to second place. Verbic in the 43rd minute brings the home side ahead. At 5 minutes of the second half, the equal of Natcho and at 18 'the doubling of the former Palermo Zahavi. Three minutes later the Slovenian 2-2 with Bezjak. Verbic again at the end of the match finds the decisive network.

Ranking: Poland 13 (6), Slovenia 11 (6), Austria 10 (6), North Macedonia 8 (6), Israel 8 (6), Latvia 0 (6).

Group I

Russia-Kazakhstan 1-0: suffered but precious success of Russia, which exceeds Kazakhstan in the final measure. Author of the goal-match at the 44th minute of the Fernandes recovery. Russians now almost at the European Championship.

San Marino-Cyprus 0-4: Kousoulos opens the scoring after only 2 minutes of play. At 39 'the doubling of the Cypriots with Papoulis. Kousoulos on the 28 'fa tris and Artymatas on the half hour brings the guests' networks to four.

Scotland-Belgium 0-4: everything becomes easier when there is Kevin De Bruyne. Three assists from the Manchester City champion and three goals from Belgium: the first is scored by the Interviewer Lukaku. Then to target two defenders, a former Roma player (Vermaelen) and one that Roma has long desired (Alderweireld). Shortly after the half hour at Hampden Park it's all over, before 90 ’De Bruyne also takes personal satisfaction with poker: the Scottish qualifying chances are exhausted here.

Ranking: Belgium 18 (6), Russia 15 (6), Cyprus 7 (6), Kazakhstan 7 (6), Scotland 6 (6), San Marino 0 (6).

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