Cutrone, Biglia and Castillejo Milan: here are the derby jokers

Cutrone, Biglia and Castillejo Milan: here are the derby jokers

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A hug between Patrick Cutrone, Lucas Biglia and Samu Castillejo. LaPresse

A hug between Patrick Cutrone, Lucas Biglia and Samu Castillejo. LaPresse

The one on Sunday will be the number 170 derby in Serie A. For some, see Krzysztof Piatek and Lucas Paquetà, it will be the first Milan-Inter in career, and it is precisely from the two faces of January that changed the face of the Devil that the rossonero people expect barrels to party: a success against the nerazzurri in the league is missing since January 2016, too much for a fan that now dreams of the extension on Spalletti and the approach to Naples. The history of the derbys but teaches that certain challenges can be resolved thanks to the resources on the bench, and in times of abundance as happens to Milan at this time the range of options is widened: let's see which are those of Gattuso.

patrick knows how
In A the Rossoneri victory has been missing for three years, we said, but Rino Gattuso has already given a derby to the Devil's fans: it happened on December 27, 2017 in the Coppa Italia quarterfinals and it was Cutrone who decided. Patrick remained out of the eleven holder to make room for Kalinic but changed the final of the film to extra time, after entering the bench. It was the turning point for the Como striker, who was actually promoted to the owner, and for Gattuso himself, who relaunched a team that seemed to be in disarray, finishing the season in 6th place and with a Cup final, lost against Juve. Today Cutrone remains the best seasonal scorer of Milan (9 goals between A and cups) but the impact of Piatek's exhibition (8 goals, one less than Patrick) has drastically reduced the spaces of the 63rd Rossoneri: after the first months spent especially in campo (remember the passage to 4-4-2 with the double center-forward Higuain-Cutrone?), the 2019 of the 21-year-old raised at Vismara opened under the sign of the benches. Gattuso, however, knows his skills very well, and is perfectly aware that if things up front were to go bad on Sunday night, triggering the most "tarantolato" in pink could prove to be the key to unlocking the derby.


castillejo e biglia
They will not have the poison inside like Cutrone, but also Samu Castillejo and Lucas Biglia have all the credentials to run for running jokers. Against Chievo, however, they both played from the 1 'and provided the Rossoneri coach with the answers they needed to put him in difficulty: Castillejo ground kilometers and was inspired more by Suso in the trident, serving Piatek the ball of the winning goal with an intelligent shot of head; the Argentine play, who returned to the title after almost five months of waiting with a best test on the field and a goal drawn with the compass, has proved to be much more than a simple alternative to Bakayoko. If the French were to go into trouble along the march with Inter, a change with Biglia would ensure continuity and add danger to the shooting zone. Chievo's home game was also an examination for Conti, but the former Atalanta does not yet seem completely ready to attack Calabria on the right. Better to use it when the laws of the match will jump: from the Sampdoria Cup to Genoa in A, Conti has so far impressed the most by “splitters” with an assist license.

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