Coucke strengthens hold on Anderlecht

Coucke strengthens hold on Anderlecht

February 26, 2019 0 By admin

The entrepreneur's interest climbs to 64 percent after the capital increase. The two daughters of former chairman Roger Vanden Stock, Claire and Julie, fall back to 3.5 percent.

Anderlecht had a capital increase of 30 million euros a few days ago. Julie and Claire Vanden Stock are the only current shareholders who fit for the capital increase, De Tijd reported on Sunday evening. As a result, their interest dilutes from 5 to 3.5 percent.

Main shareholder Marc Coucke did follow the capital increase and in proportion to his shareholding. According to our information, his participation climbs from 62 to 64 percent. His companion and co-investor Joris Ide did so only partly and his position diluted slightly, from 12 to 10.3 percent. Together they own just over 74 percent of the shares.

The minority shareholders – the building contractor Johan Beerlandt, Count Etienne Davignon and his nephew Olivier, sports director Michael Verschueren, the beer billionaire Alexandre Van Damme and CEO Jo Van Biesbroeck – all put fresh money on the table in relation to their participation. They each hold slightly more than 5 percent of the shares. Van Biesbroeck is an exception. He holds 1 percent of the Belgian record champion.

RSC Anderlecht will invest the proceeds of the capital increase in its sporting activities: the youth academy, but also the A-team.

Before the arrival of Coucke, Anderlecht faced operational losses year after year, a gap that was closed, among other things, with a loan from billionaire and shareholder Van Damme.

Now that Coucke holds the reins of the club firmly, that solution is no longer available. Coucke had to pump fresh capital into the club, also to reassure the license committee of the football association. The license files of all first-class players were submitted on 15 February. Clubs will be informed by 15 April at the latest whether their file is in order, a condition for acting in professional football.

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