Coucke breaks lance for conservation benefits football clubs

Coucke breaks lance for conservation benefits football clubs

November 7, 2018 0 By admin

'The Belgian clubs can not make big money', said the chairman of the Pro League Tuesday afternoon in parliament. "What comes in, goes to youth work."

After the outbreak of Operation Proper Hands, which is about fraud and match fixing in football, several politicians questioned the tax and parafiscal advantages of the football clubs. Since about ten years, Belgian clubs have been granted an exemption on the advance payment of the withholding tax on condition that the clubs invest part of that benefit in their youth work.

Marc Coucke, the chairman of the Pro League umbrella, warned in the Chamber not to throw the child away with the bath water. "We have to be grateful for all the benefits the clubs have received, but we have done the maximum to give the return that has been asked," he said.

Coucke, also chairman of the professional club Anderlecht, pointed out that the football sector in our country does not make any big gains. All professional clubs together accounted for 14 million euros in profit in 2017. Grosso Modo only make the five big clubs profit. The K11, the other eleven clubs from the Jupiler Pro League, are running break even. The clubs from 1B are making a loss. "The Belgian clubs do not earn the big money. What comes in is reinvested in youth work ', says Coucke.

The Belgian clubs are not clubs where you can earn big money. What comes in is reinvested in youth work.

Marc Coucke
Chairman Pro League

According to him, the abolition or drastic review of the (para) tax benefits would have major consequences for the football sector. "Clubs do not have big reserves. All clubs should immediately change their policies and take measures to reduce their costs. And where have we invested a great deal in recent years? In youth work. "

The problem of brokers wants the Pro League very quickly address, although the clubs there will experience an additional competitive disadvantage. 'This will each cost us one or two transfers, but we will handle that.'

This year, the clubs would sign a charter on dealing with brokers. These agreements would then become part of the licensing conditions for the clubs. In the long term, clear and enforceable legislation would be introduced.

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