Coucke agrees with former Anderlecht shareholders

Coucke agrees with former Anderlecht shareholders

February 10, 2019 0 By admin

Anderlecht owner Marc Coucke buries a financial dispute with the selling shareholders of the club in a deal of 3 million euros.

Etienne Davignon said this in a statement on behalf of the selling shareholders. They swallow a loss of 3 million euros on the sale of their shares, but in return they agreed with Coucke that there would be no further legal battle.

If in the future it appears that Anderlecht is worth more and that the current gesture of the selling shareholders is not necessary, they will not recover that amount. It is then transferred to Anderlecht by the family holding company of Coucke, Alychlo, to strengthen the capital of the club.

Coucke and his associate Joris Ide received 74 percent of Anderlecht at the end of 2017 for about 60 million euros. The remainder of the share package remained with the shareholders who were already on board: the building contractor Johan Beerlandt, Etienne Davignon and his cousin Olivier, the current sports director Michael Verschueren, the beer billionaire Alexandre Van Damme, Claire and Julie Vanden Stock and the current CEO Jo Van Biesbroeck. The historic owners, former chairman Roger Vanden Stock and his cousin Philippe Collin, decided to sell, just like a group of smaller shareholders.

Coucke talked about the takeover, De Tijd wrote. Because he was late in the sales process and everyone was speeding up, the book research had to be done quickly. Afterwards, financial corpses would have fallen out of the closet. That is now cleaning up Coucke.

The entrepreneur felt misled by the previous owners about a number of financial obligations. Coucke would have been bothered by towering commissions paid on transfers and clauses in the player contracts. That is why he refused to pay a 6 million tranche, parked on a bank account of Anderlecht, to the selling shareholders.

Coucke is working on a sanitation of the club through a capital increase of 35 million euros. Anderlecht posted a net loss of 6.5 million euros in the year to June 2018, as a result of which the club saw its equity decline to 8 million euros. It also owes 83 million euros, of which only 10 million are long-term. A possible outcome of the capital increase is that the Vanden Stock family definitively disappears from the boardroom of the club.

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