CAN 2019: "Consultants invade radios and TVs", misses Pape Diouf

CAN 2019: "Consultants invade radios and TVs", misses Pape Diouf

July 26, 2019 0 By admin

During the African Cup of Nations (CAN) in Pretoria, South Africa, July 10, 2019.
During the Africa Cup of Nations (CAN) in Pretoria, South Africa, July 10, 2019. PHILL MAGAKOE / AFP

Chronic. The 22e edition of the African Cup of Nations (CAN), which has just lowered the curtain and devote logically Algeria, has not escaped a rule now firmly established. At each major competition, consultants invade radios and TVs.

They defend everything, explain everything, pass for infallible connoisseurs of the game and the environment. They speak technical and tactical, physical and athletic condition. Nothing on the ground or in the locker room, they let believe, is unknown to them or foreign. No doubt, if we even asked them about the color of the underwear worn by the actors, they would inform us.

The best known and sought after of them are highly paid and are the object, each summer, bidding. Most of the consultants are former players who are supposed to know who they are talking to. Too bad if they only sell common places or approximations! Or if pretension suffocates them and leads them to say one thing and its opposite.

As in 2014, when the same experts tried to make us swallow this World Cup night that the victory of Germany was inevitable on Brazil (7-1) after having persuaded us in the morning that the Brazilians, at home, would be unbeatable.

Exception that becomes the rule

Before, at the end of their career, the fashion in the players was to open a sporting goods store. TV and radio are now used as places of conversion. In the past, there were five journalists for a consultant. Nowadays, the proportion has reversed. Consulting is no longer the exception but the rule.

The time of Larqué (football), Eddy (basketball), Dominguez (tennis) or Albaladejo (rugby) is definitely over. Some consultants forget or pretend to forget that they come back from unfortunate experiences in clubs and do not hesitate to ask themselves for lessons.

Of course, they are not all without competence or clairvoyance. It is the same whose judgment or anger is not unfounded (Dugarry in France or Bell in Cameroon). But besides this tendency to appeal to outsiders is not in itself a guarantee of better analysis, it has the effect of dispossessing journalists of their main prerogatives.

How many of these become mere liaisons without any real measure of training? What of course, their employers do not care … Play dupes? It looks like a lot.

Pape Diouf was president of Olympique de Marseille from 2005 to 2009.

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