Boavista launches attack on the refereeing game with Sporting

Boavista launches attack on the refereeing game with Sporting

March 10, 2019 0 By admin

Nuno Barbosa

Axadrezados will request a meeting with the Arbitration Council, as well as the dialogue between the referee and the VAR. Penálti who secured Sporting's victory at Bessa promises to continue giving that talk

The presidents of the Boavista club and SAD, Vítor Murta and Álvaro Braga Junior, respectively, did not stop the revolt motivated by the move in which Edu Machado committed a penalty on Raphinha. Bruno Fernandes took charge of marking the maximum punishment and gave the win to the lions, already in the third minute of discounts.

At the end of the match, the goodwill direction reacted at a press conference and was not at all sweet with referee João Pinheiro and VAR Rui Oliveira. "There are new technologies that only work for some of us, we are not welcome to our stadium, we do not impute what happened to Sporting, we could have lost, but if we were honest, we would congratulate Sporting." to say Vitor Murta.

"If we had a dialogue and if we were to verify that the VAR was also of the opinion that this move deserved a penalty mark, then we understand, of course, that neither the referee nor the VAR have moral conditions to be able to even referee the next games, "noted Alvaro Braga Junior.

In addition, coach Lito Vidigal was disappointed with the refereeing team and, in the quick interview at the end of the game, gave voice to the outraged indignation: "I have to be here and lie, to say that it was a good match, well disputed, that my team worked hard, that I had opportunities for another result. I have very sad players, I had to take them away from the refereeing team and tell them to thank the supporters. "

Marcel Keizer, Sporting coach, opted not to comment on this controversial move, defending himself as follows: "I did not see anything about the game yet. Of course I'll see, but I did not see, I can not talk about it."

Finally, in social networks, the Boavista finished the theme like this: "They only make us stronger!".

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