Basketball World Argentina-Serbia: day, schedule and TV of the hard crossing of quarterfinals

Basketball World Argentina-Serbia: day, schedule and TV of the hard crossing of quarterfinals

September 10, 2019 0 By admin

Luis Scola, the emblem of the Argentine national team before a decisive duel Source: AFP

The cards are drawn. With the triumph of Argentina against Poland and the first place achieved in group I of the World Cup in China,
The national team already has day and time for the hard crossing of the quarterfinals: it will be against Serbia on Tuesday at 8. The match will be played at the Dongguan Basketball Center and will have TyC Sports television, Public TV and DirecTV.

While Argentina played against the Poles, many looked sideways at what was going on between Spain and Serbia, in Wuhan. The same happened there: the loser of the duel between Spaniards and Serbs remained as a rival of Argentina. Therefore, the 81-69 of the Red, with a performance from least to greatest, sentenced the crossing of rooms.

Serbia, a human wall that instills fear and distills talent

Beyond the stumble against Spain,
Serbia is presented as a tough opponent for Argentina. Moreover, Serbia brought to this World Cup the largest team in its history. The Olympic and world runners-up have an average height of 2.06 meters. It is very rare for a team to gather so much size without losing versatility. For starters, the reason for this unusual mean is the choice of a multi-pivot formation. But the most striking is that in each position has very high players.

To find a similar team in the history of the World Cups you have to go back to Yugoslavia in 2002, when that selected champion reached 2.05 meters on average among his 12 players.

While there are no official data that allow us to say if it is a historical brand, to understand how difficult it is that something like this happens, it is worth mentioning that the Soviet Union team runner-up in Spain in 1986, which had three towers like Aleksandar Belostenny (2, 14), Arvydas Sabonis (2.20) and Vladimir Tkatchenko (2.21), had an average height of 2.04 meters.

"They are huge. And what do they play ?! Pfff," says Gabriel Deck. The Serbian is a selected one that impacts by his talent, but that just impresses by his size. Anyone could say that it is simply a human wall. To understand, Vasilije Micic (Efes, from Turkey) and Stefan Jovic (Bayer Munich), are the bases and the shortcomings of the squad, with 1.96m. The escorts, Bogdan Bogdanovic (Sacramento) and Marko Gudric (Fenerbahce), both have 1.97. The rest of the players, all, are above the. 2.03 meters

Each data that appears on them brings out the same reaction the schools that are in this city. Josh Okogie, the Nigerian who plays in Minnesota, was seen shaking his head when he saw the play created by Nikola Jokic and Boban Marjanivoc, in the success against Angola. These two Serbian monsters are part of a giant group composed of the eaves Marko Simonovic (Zenit of Russia and 2.03), Nemanja Bjelica (Sacramento; 2.09) and Vladimir Lucic (Bayern Munich; 2.04), plus inmates Jokic (Denver; 2.09), Stefan Bircevic (Bonn; 2.10), Nikola Milutinov (Olympiacos; 2.13), Miroslav Radulijca (Jiangsu of China; 2.13) and Marjanovic (Philadelphia; 2.22).


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