Barzagli-De Sciglio k.o. For Juventus idea defense to three

Barzagli-De Sciglio k.o. For Juventus idea defense to three

March 9, 2019 0 By admin

Martin Caceres. LaPresse

Martin Caceres. LaPresse

Even a soft championship victory, like Juventus 4-1 with Udinese in Turin, centered with a squeezed reserve team, can give some lessons for the match: some of those seen in the anticipation of the Stadium could see each other again. (and be very useful) even against Atletico, while two precious defenders raised a white flag. From the three dioscuri to resist the arrows of the Cholo, the cuirassiers of the midfield until Bernardeschi tried and tried again between the lines: the suggestions are not lacking for Allegri.

The bad news of the morning was not enough: De Sciglio not called up for a problem with the right-hand driver and almost impossible recovery for the Champions League. At the 25th of the first half Barzagli also felt pain and came out on the day of his return from the owner after a long stay: probable muscle injury, nothing Atletico. This is how new scenarios open up: "It's hard for Caceres to play push-backs, but in the three-way defense it's a solution," Allegri said at the end of the game. Emre Can, on a par with Matuidi, proved to have the intensity that would serve in the thousand contrasts of which every game against the Cholo is disseminated. The half-eaten Berna seen yesterday is an idea that stimulated Allegri even before the Wanda race but, on the whole, it is the legs of the entire troops who have shown quite different fluidity compared to the recent past. And look at Kean, a spark of anarchy that would not mind the bench in a night of madness and passion.



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