Bale, in Sky Sports: "I understand that they made me more Turkish head than the rest …"

Bale, in Sky Sports: "I understand that they made me more Turkish head than the rest …"

September 6, 2019 0 By admin

Gareth Bale, Real Madrid player, granted an exclusive interview to Sky Sports that has already come to light. It explains how he felt this summer in which he had a foot and a half outside the white entity: "Last season was difficult for everyone, for the team and for me. I understand that they made me a more Turkish head than the rest. I took it with tweezers but I don't think it was fair."

"I would not say that I am playing happily but I am playing," Welsh continued in Sky Sports. "When I am playing I am professional and I always give everything I can, whether for the club or the country. I am sure there will be many more turbulences, to be honest. I guess it's something I have to talk to Real Madrid about and it's between them and me, and we'll have to come to some kind of conclusion. "

In the morning, Bale had spoken at a press conference in the concentration of the Welsh team, in the pre- match against Azerbaijan, corresponding to the qualification phase for the 2020 Euro Cup. The attacker reviewed the news and the criticisms received or his passion for golf.

Seated after a complicated period: "I guess so. I'm in top form, which maybe I wasn't in summer. We had a full week of training and I'm looking forward to tomorrow's game. We need to win tomorrow to get back on the path and that's what we hope to do. "

I wasn't fit in June: "I don't think the pressure affected me mentally, but maybe going to the games without playing for five or six weeks, yes, I wasn't where I wanted to be physically."

critics: "I don't listen to them because they don't know what they are talking about! I don't read anything. Most people don't know the situation."

A complicated summer: "It didn't affect me much, I had a great summer vacation. I kept my head down in the preseason and there was a lot of talk, good and bad, but I kept working hard in training. The things that happened will remain private in the club, but if you want answers, you may have to ask Real Madrid. "

Your hardest summer? "It was not great, but it was not the worst. I remember that I did not play for a year with Harry Redknapp. It has not been ideal, but I have passed and I know how to deal with it. It is about keeping my head down and working hard I had a good preseason in terms of training and I started the season well. "

Return of the passion for football: "He never left. I am a professional. I get paid to play football. You go through ups and downs, but working hard in training and doing the right things. When things are not going well, if you work hard things will change and you will be rewarded." .

Golf, your biggest hobby: "Obviously football is number one. Golf is a hobby like any other person would have a hobby. There is nothing wrong with playing and people make a mountain out of nothing. It's just one thing that I enjoy a lot and that keeps me mentally quieter off the field. "

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