Avaí striker celebrates first chance at U20 Women's Team

Avaí striker celebrates first chance at U20 Women's Team

September 5, 2019 0 By admin

At the age of 18, striker Mylena celebrates the first call for the women's U-20 Brazilian Team, released last Tuesday. The Avaí / Kindermann player receives the first opportunity from coach Jonas Uria who has called the team into a preparation period for next year's U-20 World Cup. Inspired by Marta, the player first touched the ball at Vasco da Gama and is the only representative of the state of Rio de Janeiro on the list. Thrilled, she thanked the people who helped her on her way to the first major career achievement.

– It is an indescribable feeling to be able to wear a shirt that many want to wear, but also to represent our country, family and friends. We cannot forget our origins and the people who helped us get started. Humility is everything, without it we get nowhere. I believe that now my career will take off. I want to meet new places, new people. Nothing is impossible to what you believe – celebrated.

A child of the Baixada Fluminense, born in Nova Iguaçu, in the neighborhood of Nova Brasilia, Mylena is Kailane's older sister, also a Fluminense player and defender. The first contact with the sport was social projects in the region and soon came an opportunity at Vasco da Gama. From Cruz-Maltino headed to Caçador, a city in the interior of Santa Catarina, in search of a better opportunity in Leão da Ilha. For her clubs in Rio need to pay more attention to women's football.

– Rio de Janeiro has many teams, but many don't invest in girls and I think that should change. Here in the South has a little more visibility

About the competition

The coach Jonas Urias summoned in addition to Mylena, 18 players aiming for the category World Cup in 2020. The selected will undergo a training period at Granja Comary, from 9 to 14 September. Before the World Cup, Brazil will compete for the U19 Women's South American League in Buenos Aires, Argentina, from September 16 to 22.

The Brazilian Team is in the South Group with Argentina, Bolivia, Chile and Uruguay. The Northern Group is composed of Ecuador, Colombia, Peru, Venezuela and Paraguay.

See the list of callers:

Nicole – Santos-SP
Mayara – Internacional-RS

Vitória Bruna – Sao Jose-SP
Gisseli – Grêmio-RS
Rute – Victoria-BA
Camila – Palmeiras-SP
Isadora – Internacional-RS
Mayara – Black Bridge-SP

Angelina – Santos-SP
Raquel – Valadares (Portugal)
Miriam Cristina – Sao Paulo-SP
Vitória Yaya – Sao Paulo-SP
Maria Eduarda – Cruzeiro-MG
Juliana – Palmeiras -SP
Micaelly – Cruzeiro-MG

Jaqueline – Sao Paulo-SP
Julia Beatriz – Iranduba-AM
Nycole – Benfica (Portugal)
Mylena – Avai / Kindermann-SC

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