Another case Ramos: UEFA opens file to Kondogbia for forcing the card against Celtic

Another case Ramos: UEFA opens file to Kondogbia for forcing the card against Celtic

February 16, 2019 0 By admin

UEFA has opened a disciplinary file to Geoffrey Kondogbia for the yellow card that he saw last night in the game against Glasgow Celtic, in Europa League. The organism tries to clarify if the franco-centroafricano forced the yellow card, when the scoreboard already reflected a 0-2 on the scoreboard, to fulfill a game of sanction in the return match, in Mestalla, once the advantage for the Valencianists was quite broad.

This possible infringement of article 15 of UEFA's disciplinary regulations will be evaluated by the Control, Ethics and Discipline Committee of the continental entity next Thursday 21, precisely on the day of the second leg against Celtic. In case this committee determines that Kondogbia forced the yellow card to be sanctioned and clean for the next round of the Europa League, could be sanctioned with up to two games.

This committee will analyze several factors to determine if Kondogbia forced yellow or not in an unsportsmanlike manner. The minute in which it occurred (81 ') and the result in those moments (0-2) could play against the Valencia midfielder. The video of the play itself does not seem to make it clear whether Kondogba forced the card or not.

The case is identical to that of Sergio Ramos, who has also been opened by UEFA for forcing a yellow card in last Wednesday's game against Ajax. The Madridista saw the yellow in 88 ', with his team also winning. Yes, Ramos' subsequent statements recognizing the play play against him, something that has not happened with Kondogbia.

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