Angelici: the present of Boca, the insults of the fans and the contractual situation of Gago

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Daniel Angelici spoke about Boca's current affairs Source: AFP

In a stage of reconfiguration behind a new football idea and with several new protagonists, Boca tries to polish his game in the cycle of

Gustavo Alfaro.

If the versions seen so far oscillated between lackluster performances, such as the tie with Belgrano, and others of their own brilliance, such as the victory against San Lorenzo, the good results are the foundations that firmly support the process that started in January. The points obtained since the beginning of the year have it well on track to ensure its participation in the

Copa Libertadores

next year and become strong in the group stage of the dispute now.

"The team has more and more games but we have to keep improving, in that commitment we are with Alfaro and the players, and we hope to finish this tournament with qualification to the next cup.

Daniel Angelici

"We are happy with the reinforcements and with the match against San Lorenzo, where the people left satisfied, in the Copa Libertadores we won an important match," the president said in statements to La Red radio.

As part of a recognition of the memory of Débora Pérez Volpin, of which her family members participated, Angelici discovered a plaque with which the number 1 classroom in the area of ​​culture will be named after the journalist. After the act, the maximum leader of the institution of the Rivera referred to different football aspects.

With his eyes set on the near future, the president ratified Boca's position as a buyer club: "We have to keep working and watching players when the passbook is opened mid-year. the possible tools to be protagonists in each of the championships we participate in. Many times you want to keep the players but there are offers and there are the exit clauses.It would not be strange for a player to leave, so we are following players thinking in the future".

Finally, after the insults he had received from various sectors of the stadium in the meeting against Godoy Cruz and the harassment of the bars to silence that expression, Angelici stressed the importance of the xeneize public: "The people of Boca are unique, they always He feels the breath, the players have always felt it, he is so strong during the 90 minutes that he only lives in our club, the Boca fan is like that and that is transmitted, that is why we say that we play with twelve ".

Source: LA NACION – Credit: Soledad Aznarez

Gago stops being formally Boca player

Daniel Angelici also confirmed that this afternoon Fernando Gago will sign the corresponding papers to terminate his contractual relationship with Boca. "Today the contract of Fernando is terminated, by an agreement of parties and with recognition of his career, because he left our lower divisions and is one of the images of the club.This is signed with pain, but it is what corresponds", said the leader that this year will end his second term in charge of the club.

"He had a year and a half left and it was not easy for him to make the decision, we hope he remains linked to the institution, but all this takes time, I love him a lot, I went looking for him and he has the doors of the club open" , he concluded.

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