All crazy for Messi: even Lukaku's mother!

All crazy for Messi: even Lukaku's mother!

April 13, 2019 0 By admin

Romelu and Jordan will always be his favorite players … but even Leo Messi is no joke! Old Trafford, United-Barcelona – valid match for the first leg of the Champions League – has just ended, and in the belly of the Messi stadium meets several fans before getting on the bus and returning by plane to Catalonia. Among the many fans who ask for a photo and an autograph of the Argentine there is also Adolphine Lukaku, mother of the Jordan of Lazio and Romelu, who just took the field against the ten of Barcelona. The video, taken from a Spanish TV, has become viral on social media: mother Adolphine is not in the skin to see Messi. He shouts his name three times: he hugs it and holds it tight against himself. An authentic show of affection almost worthy of that for one's children.

Fleeing poverty

Behind the embrace with one of the strongest players of all time, the one between mother Adolphine and Messi, there is however a story of poverty and revenge, that of the Lukaku family and that Romelu told the Players' Tribune last June just before the World Cup starts. Today a moment of emotion with the number ten of Barça, yesterday, the Belgian attacker told, "the misery. I remember the exact moment when I realized that we were not simply poor. I was six years old and, coming home from school for the lunch break, I saw my mother crying, her photo attached to the fridge reminds me every day of the suffering we had to go through, one day I made a promise: 'Mom, all this will change. Soon I'll go to play with Anderlecht and you won't have to worry anymore '. And so it was. "Now meeting a balloon phenomenon like Leo Messi is just a small aspect of Adolphine Lukaku's new life, better thanks to football.

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