A regal CR7, but that Ajax Solida Juve, is a good equal

A regal CR7, but that Ajax Solida Juve, is a good equal

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A great European football night. This was, first of all, Ajax-Juventus: intensity, high rhythm, high level technique. Of course, the final result counts more than anything, so here it is: 1-1, Cristiano Ronaldo and David Neres. The goals arrived a minute before and a minute after the break: all concentrated in the middle of the match. The 1-0 is by Cristiano Ronaldo, in one of the two shots on goal by Juve (if this is not cynicism …). Cristiano takes the ball, opens on Cancelo and throws himself into the area to close the longest triangle in the world. What matters is the combination of thought and instinct in those five seconds. Cristiano deflects the race a couple of times, escapes Blind and De Jong's radar and, arriving in the area, discovers that Cancelo did what he had to: put the ball over his head. The rest is almost natural: CR7's header and goal number 24 in a quarter-final of the Champions League. The 1-1 instead – blasphemy sum – brings to mind the action of the great Holland. Final 1974, the Netherlands starts the game and, before Germany touches the ball, referee Taylor whistles penalty. Here, almost the same. When the second half begins, Ajax builds, Cancelo has time to play a ball but gives it to David Neres who advances, kicks around and puts it in the corner: draw.

ziyech and bern
The layout of the game was the one expected: Ajax super aggressive, Juve lucid, present, focused on identifying the pressing traps and bypassing them. The equation variable for 20 minutes has a name and a surname: Hakim Ziyech. The Moroccan starts from the right but always finds a way to centralize and kick. For the Juventus fans on TV it is a growing pathos: Ziyech first kicks the outside of the net, then central, at 18 minutes he puts it under the crossbar. Szczesny, in extension, is decisive to save the 0-0. The great fear, however, comes at the 25th minute: Van de Beek breaks free in the center of the area and with his left, from the spot, he kicks hard but blatantly out. Phew. Yes, but Juve? Juve defends itself and does not give up bothering. Bernardeschi kicks off twice from an interesting position but the big chance passes with a counter-attack, very logical in the game plan: for once Ajax is wrong, Bentancur goes on the run in the other half and finds Bern. When the shot on goal seems inevitable, De Jong – don't call him slow – recovers and saves in a slip.

The joy of David Neres. Getty

The joy of David Neres. Getty

the return and the discovery
The rhythm, as we will have understood, is very high and in the second time it barely falls. Allegri, who certainly has courage, takes away Mandzukic before an hour of play and plays Douglas Costa, out of two months and a week. When Matuidi gets hurt, he doesn't choose Khedira but Dybala and goes on to a 4-4-2 with Douglas and Bernardeschi outside of the midfield. Ten Hag, which is not far behind, as the first change instead calls Ekkelenkamp, ​​2000 midfielder, 19 years old last week. Not by chance, the great dangers of the second half are new entrants. Ajax goes to a 2-1 shot when Ekkelenkamp escapes everyone, arrives in the area and shoots: Szczesny, solid, rejects. Juve instead regrets a punishment by Bernardeschi at the start of the second half – everyone looks at the ball that passes, nobody touches it in the goal – and above all an action on the Cancelo-Douglas axis at five from the end. Douglas Costa uses the kers, accelerates and with the left seeks the diagonal: pole. The rest are minutes of recovery, which revolve around a shot of Tadic, dangerous enough, and end with the applause of the ArenA for the beautiful game.


very ready young people
The budget, after 90 minutes from accelerated beats, is more or less this. Juve played a high level, solid, careful match beyond Cancelo's mistake. The Ajax has impressed again for race, intensity, quality of some players: good De Ligt and De Jong, but very well Bentancur and Rugani, the young-experts of Juventus ready to the great stage. Who already thinks of returning, with or without Chiellini, counts the yellow ones: Tagliafico, warned, has been warned and will not be there. In addition to the away goal, a small advantage for Allegri.

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