14 years between the goals – the club icon Joaquin still holds

14 years between the goals – the club icon Joaquin still holds

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The sports magazine broadcasts the meeting between Real Betis and series leading Barcelona on Sunday.

In the home team we find the club icon Joaquin, who still finds the net – 37 years old.

– I almost haven't won anything, but I've enjoyed and experienced a lot. No one can take that away from me, he says.

As a young man, he was one of Spain's most promising talents and, at the turn of the millennium, Joaquin made his debut for Real Betis as a 19-year-old.

The interesting exterior then played a key role in the team that five years later lifted the Copa del Rey trophy, one of only two titles the now 37-year-old Joaquin managed to win during his professional career.

– I almost haven't won anything, but I've enjoyed and experienced a lot. Nobody can take that away, says Joaquin according to Goal.

However, the price cabinet could have been considerably more well-filled if his career had taken a different path in 2006. Joaquin has previously told how close it was to writing for Real Madrid.

Close flight to Real Madrid

The Madrid team president Florentino Perez appeared during a national team meeting where Joaquin trained with Raul.

– Your president is here! Raul shouted jokingly to Joaquin when Perez entered.

– How do you think he is wearing white? Perez asked his team captain.

"He should already be in white," said Raul, who promised that he would personally speak to Real Beti's president.

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14 years between the pictures

However, President Manuel Ruiz de Lopera was not so eager to release his gold nib and the intended move ran out into the sand. In the end, it was instead a transition to a strong Valencia team with teammates such as Juan Mata, David Villa and David Silva.

With a transitional sum corresponding to SEK 260 million in today's monetary value, he became the team's most expensive enlistment of all time at the time.

14 years between the goals

Through games in Malaga and Fiorentina, Joaquin returned to her beloved childhood club in the summer of 2015.

Damage and the high age have meant that the number of appearances has decreased for Joaquin lately. But despite only eleven appearances from the start, the 37-year-old, who has never made himself known as a big scorer, made four goals in La Liga during this year's season.

One of the starts came away against Barcelona in November. A match like Betis surprisingly won 4–3, the team's first win at Camp Nou in 21 years.

Joaquin thanked for the trust and was one of the target shooters in the goal party – 14 years after he last found the net against the Catalans.

On Sunday, the teams are again placed against each other and eight-placed Real Betis have a hangover on a Europa League site.

Maybe it only takes four months between the goals this time for Joaquin?

The sports magazine broadcasts Real Betis-Barcelona on Sunday, with kickoff 20.45.

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